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What are the locations of our showrooms?
185 Burlington
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44 St-Jude Sud
J2G 2N4
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994 boul. Curé Labelle
Chomedey, Laval, Qc.
H7V 2V5
Tél: (450) 682-7676
Fax: (450) 682-7668
Toll free: 1-877-682-7676

474, 2e Rue Est Local B
Rimouski, Qc, Canada
Tél. : (418) 724-7712
Toll free : 1 866 724-7712


How to select the appropriate glass for wine tasting?
The pleasure of wine tasting involves the visual, olfactory and taste senses; that is why the glass selection plays such an essential role.
– A good wine glass must be transparent and crystalline. The color and the gleam of the wine will therefore be more easily assessed.
– Its rim must be delicate, to the point of being almost imperceptible. Unnoticeable perception due to the softness of the feel on the lips.
– The stem must be delicate in order to leave a feeling of fineness and unconsciously influence the perception of elegance. Charm in sobriety. The stem will also be tall to keep your hand from heating the wine.


Why should wine be decanted?
It helps revealing the full personality of your best wines. It also helps:
- To better control the temperature.
– To release aromas.
– To better judge the robe coloration.
– To decant an old wine which contains sediment.
– For aesthetic reasons and presentation. – And let’s admit: a little for « the show ».


What are the ideal wine service temperatures?
The temperature at which a wine is served has a tremendous impact on its palate quality. For your greatest enjoyment, make sure it is served at the following temperatures:
- Ideally, white wines should be served between 8 and 12°C (from 13 to 14°C for the great white wines).
– The young, delicate and light red wines are best when served chilled, around 12°C.
– For other red wines, the temperature should be between 15 et 18°C depending on their age and body.
- Champagnes between 10 and 11°C. Avoid abrupt temperature changes.


What are the « golden rules » to wine tasting?
- Select an area with natural light.
– Choose a quiet place.
– Previously decant the wine.
– Serve wine at the proper temperature.
– Be careful of parasitical odors.
– Use the appropriate glass.
– Always pour the same amount of wine in the glasses.