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14-1/2" propeller Pagaies du gourmet




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Littledeer paddles are distinguished by fluid dynamic design, fluid grips and high quality maple wood. Every edge, surface and curve serves a purpose.

Maple can be used in frying and will not damage delicate surfaces. Each Littledeer cooking paddle is made from a single piece of wood and is shaped, sanded, polished and signed by hand at our shop in Quebec.

  • Sweeps, stirs, and spins
  • Long, slim edge sweeps sides of pot
  • Flat side wipes cleanly across rim
  • Wing-shaped blade gives a quick spin
  • Tip gets right into tight corners
  • Fetches and adds a pinch of spice
  • Sweeps contents out of blenders
  • Sweeps pot sides evenly as sauces thicken
  • Navigates well around blades of food processor
  • Size: 14"

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