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What services do we offer?

In addition to the possibility of seeking advice from experts who endeavour to give judicious suggestions and recommendations, the Després Laporte and Boutique Sommelier Gourmet clientele benefit from exceptional after-sale and delivery services recognized throughout the industry as quick and courteous.

Known for its excellence and attention to the details, the Després Laporte delivery service makes every possible effort to deliver goods in the shortest possible delays and in the best possible conditions, regardless of destination.

The Després Laporte commercial clientele can also benefit from a planning and design service which consists in designing plans  for kitchens, dining rooms, terraces, etc. The plans are drawn on site by an expert who provides restaurant owners with an efficient layout, a work surface that meets instant needs, space and installation coordination, as well as ergonomic and aesthetic characteristics in the designed surfaces.

Després Laporte and the Boutique Sommelier Gourmet share one goal: your satisfaction!