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Home Shop Coffee and tea "control grip" 15 speed stick mixer

Home Shop Coffee and tea "control grip" 15 speed stick mixer

"control grip" 15 speed stick mixer Breville




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A commercially inspired kitchen appliance, offering you the control and all of the tools.

Simple soups can often be hard to make, as stick mixers are notoriously clunky to hold and suffer from excessive suction, drawing the mixer to the base of the bowl or pot.

  • The Control Grip™ incorporates an ergonomic trigger grip, which is easily engaged with a very natural hand position;
  • 8" Immersion Depth on the stick blender;
  • Control is further enhanced with a reduced suction blade and leg design.
  • This model also incorporates a stainless steel shaft, 25oz chopper, 42oz jug, and a whisk attachment.


One year warranty


BREVILLE warrants this Breville appliance against defects that are due to faulty material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original consumer purchase. This warranty does not cover damage from abuse, neglect, use for commercial purposes, or any other use not found in the printed “Instructions for use” booklet.


There is no warranty for glass parts, glass containers, filter basket, blades, and agitators. HWI Breville expressly disclaims all responsibility for consequential damages for incidental losses caused by use of this appliance.


If the appliance should become defective within the warranty period, do not return the appliance to the store. Please contact our Customer Service Center:

Toll Free Phone Number:

1-866-BREVILLE (1-866-273-8455) 8:30AM to 5PM Eastern Time

Email: [email protected]

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